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 [[peralea_cities_list|Places of Note]]\\ [[peralea_cities_list|Places of Note]]\\
 [[peralea_terms_list|Glossary of Terms]]\\ [[peralea_terms_list|Glossary of Terms]]\\
-[[peralea_cussing|Curse Words Explanation]]\\+[[peralea_cussing|Curse Words Explained]]\\
 [[peralea_priest_list|Hierarchy of the Priesthood]]\\ [[peralea_priest_list|Hierarchy of the Priesthood]]\\
 [[peralea_tenets_list|Tenets of Aesriphos]]\\ [[peralea_tenets_list|Tenets of Aesriphos]]\\
 [[peralea_darolens_song|Darolen'​s Song]]\\ [[peralea_darolens_song|Darolen'​s Song]]\\
 [[peralea_funerary_prayer|Funerary Prayer]]\\ [[peralea_funerary_prayer|Funerary Prayer]]\\
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