What Valis would look like in real life. Thoughts? My main thought is, “Mmmm… Yum.”

I’ve had a terrible time trying to find a good picture of what Valis would look like if he existed in real life. This is as close as I could come. Though, I’m not sure what he would think about having short hair.

It suits him, though. Don’t you think? Also not so sure about that tattoo. Valis would probably be against that, but who knows. He may not be a skin purist. God knows I’m not. I have four tattoos, myself, and am possibly going to be getting more in the future.

What do you think? Close? Yeah? or Nah? I’m thinking yeah. Just a touch. Want another pic of this guy, just to be sure? Yeah. Me, too. Here ya go.

Mmmm… yeah. <3

Okay. Time for me to stop procrastinating. I’m “busy” writing God Jars book 8, Anchors. I’m in the middle of a blizzard scene, which is ironic given the current snow storm that’s just passed through. I’m shivering as I type this because I’m too lazy to get up and turn up the heat. And this week, it’s supposed to be in the 50’s (F). I can’t win.

God Jars 8 has me in knots. Not because it’s necessarily hard to write, but because I only have two books left to go—books 8 and 9. And my brain has been playing with Valis since 2013. It wants a break. It wants to play in other worlds, listen to other characters. So, it’s hard to keep my mind in the game.

I have so much in the pipeline for this year. I’m most likely not going to get it all done, but I have a good, solid outline to get a good chunk done in 2019. I plan on finishing the God Jars series, and possibly writing a “Christmas” book in the God Jars world appropriately titled Solstice. If I do write it, it will, of course, be coming out around Christmas.

Before I became Devon Vesper, I had another pen name that I wrote heterosexual fantasy romance under. I have since taken those books down. However, now I’m rewriting them to be M/M Mpreg fantasy romances. And the guys? They’re elves. So, yes. Bonus!

So far, I have 7 books in the world written and in need of rewrites. I have two spin-offs planned, book 1 of one of the spin-offs is also written and in need of rewrites.

Plus, I have a vampire story, wolf-shifter story, and a fallen angel story all in various stages of writing. See?! I told you my brain wants to play! Sometimes it won’t let me focus on God Jars until I play with something else. Sometimes that’s Netflix or reading books that I didn’t write, but most of the time, it’s writing in another world.

Hey. I don’t make the rules. My brain does. I just try to guide that fucker in the direction it’s supposed to go. It just doesn’t always work. I’ll try harder, though. It just may take a lot more chai latté.

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