What Would Valis Look Like in Real Life?

I’ve had a terrible time trying to find a good picture of what Valis would look like if he existed in real life. This is as close as I could come. Though, I’m not sure what he would think about having short hair. It suits him, though. Don’t you think? Also not so sure about that tattoo. Valis would probably be against that, but who knows. He may not be a skin purist. God knows I’m not. I have four tattoos, myself, and am possibly going to be getting more in the future. What do you think? Close? Yeah? or … Continue reading “What Would Valis Look Like in Real Life?”

The God Jars Series and Religion

Building this series has been a daydream come true. From the characters who won’t leave me alone to the little details that only I will never know, this series will probably stay with me for as long as I live. But, one of my favorite things about this series, is the religion I built for it. And, I don’t mean “built” as in “I had this shit all planned out from the beginning.” Oh, no. I mean “built” as in, “The story kept throwing bricks at my head in the shape of gods, and I happily complied and turned it … Continue reading “The God Jars Series and Religion”