God Jars has only 3 more books for me to write. I also plan on writing Kerac and Darolen’s story, but it’s giving me issues. It deals a LOT with anxiety, so it’s emotionally hard to write. So, it will take me a while. I have 2 linked 4-book series with a stand-alone book in the center that has elves and wolf shifters (UFR). That’s in the works, and already has one book finished. Plus, there are more fantasy, UF*, and PNR surprises in store. But, I also have some ideas for M/M Romantic Suspence that I may want to explore**. So, what do you think? Should I explore that when I have time, or do I try to wrangle it into a PNR or UF series? Give me your thoughts! Vote in the poll and leave a comment below!

Would you care if I wrote M/M Contemporary Romance or Romantic Suspense on occasion? (I would never stop writing M/M Fantasy, PNR, and UF Romances.)

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What supernatural/paranormal/fantasy beings would you like to see more of in future stories?

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What settings would you like to see more of in the future?

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Also, leave a comment below to add to the discussion!

*UF = Urban Fantasy, UFR = Urban Fantasy Romance, PNR = Paranormal Romance

**Please note that whatever you choose in the poll, I will NOT stop writing M/M Fantasy/PNR/UF books. This is just for variety and because the characters in my head are demanding little bastards.

3 thoughts on “POLL TIME!

  1. There aren’t enough naga stories out there…just saying. *grin* Or snake shifters, we need more of those, too. Also, anything you write, I want to read, and I love all settings, though I just voted for my favorite. 🙂 Thanks!

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