So, I have several series going at once. I have 4 books written in one, and editing those before I start on book 5. It’s a nine book series. I like having my ducks in a row, okay? And, I seriously love this series. It’s a fantasy romance with pretty, pretty boys who I absolutely adore. The entire series is a slow burn on the romance up until book 4. The love interest doesn’t even get introduced until book 2, if that gives you any indication. And I’m completely in love.

And here’s the woe…

But I want to also start in on this new romantic suspense lite that I’ve had in my brain to give me a break from the fantasy world. I’m pretty stoked about the concept.  I want to write the last book first, but I really can’t do that. I’m a very linear writer, and that just doesn’t fly with me. Ugh. But the pretty men! *Sigh*

I may try writing a single. Just something that gets the words flowing, and gets my blood pumping. Possibly a regular contemporary romance to get my head out of the fantasy series for a while so I can let the edits simmer. I may even have an idea for it. Maybe a pianist. Gotta love those long, graceful fingers. I do love watching a man get lost in his music. Though, I’m also thinking about a cellist. What do you think?

Part of me wants to really get into this. The other part keeps screaming that I should at least finish editing Fantasy Series book 3 before I start in on a new book. Brain is being a butt. Then again, brain usually is a butt. At least, it always thinks of butts. Nice, muscular men’s butts. Mmmm…


What was I saying again? Excuse me while I wipe up this puddle of drool. Ahem.

So, back to the books.

Fantasy Thing is called God Jars, or The God Jars Saga. Nine books of epic fantasy sword and sorcery with hunky guys in armor. I am so in love.

Rom Sus Lite Thing is currently untitled. At least, the books are. I usually have the books’ titles done as soon as I have the premise, but these are being rather finicky. The stories revolve around the few gay boys in the Giordano Armed Security Corporation. So, they do pretty much everything from personal bodyguards, to armed security teams for hings like high profile concerts and fancy galas. I do know there are three Giordano boys who will be main characters, but I’m not certain about the rest. It may just be a three book series, with just those three boys. I’m still thinkin’.

But wait! There’s more!

I have a book, Climbing Shadetree, coming out soon. It’s a paranormal romance single (may eventually be a double if I can get my head around a sequel) set in my other pen name, Jennifer Amriss’, Kal’brath universe. I was going to try and rewrite it to remove traces of Jennifer’s world from it. I may still do that. But as of right now, it is finished and in edits. I can’t believe how excited that book makes me. It was fun to write, especially with how much of a drama queen I made one of the main characters. I just hope it ends up as good as I had it in my head by the time I finish edits. I’m ironing out the wrinkles, and hope to have it out by August. *Crosses fingers!*

And that’s all for this update, ladies and gentlemen.

Hope you have an awesome week, and I’ll try to get some of this steamrolled so I can give a semi-accurate release schedule.

Happy Tuesday!

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