The Elf of Many Names.

I accidentally used his nickname in a writing community I belong to, and thought it might be pertinent to offer a brief explanation. Because, mainly, I don’t want people thinking I actually named a character “Castrate”, funny as that may well be.

Basically, if I start typing something, anything, even a typo, my fingers are going so fast that I usually finish the word before I realize what I actually typed. Yes, I read what I type as I type it. However, these mistakes have led to many LOLs.

Typos Galore

Anyway. I started trying to type Xastrian. Since the X is so close to the C, I accidentally hit the C, and it ended up as Castr-… and brain decided it ended with -ate. So, the sentence became: “Time stretched on as Castrate fought to find things to fill his mind with, and occupy his hands.” Now, it was funny enough as it was, but this continued to happen over and over again in Songs of Fire and Spring. It continued on in Dragon Court. Yes, I had to do a global search and replace for Castrate, Castrian and Xastrate to change them to Xastrian. It was hilarious, tedious, and it nearly broke me… and everyone in my writing community at Forward motion.

See the hilarity.

I’ve gathered all of my typo mistakes for this book (Mage of Legend) into a menu at the top for your enjoyment (or laughter induced hernias).

Now that this is settled, I am going back to what I was on about before Castrate bit me in the ass. My tea is cold, and I have massive rewrites to get underway. Take care, and wish me luck in refereeing the fight for dominance between The Vampire Thing™, King’s Heart, God Jars 7, and cover creations.

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