The God Jars Holiday Novella


The final battle is won, but the war still wages within.

Between nightmares from the battle against the Sovereign Priest of Qos to preparing for the winter solstice, Tavros is beside himself and trying to keep from worrying his husband, Valis. And then he learns that Valis has never celebrated Solstice. That gives him a worthy distraction to latch onto so he can function.

When Tavros starts plotting a surprise, their child friend, Aenali, gives him the diversion he needs. She spirits Valis away so they can escort her parents to the monastery for her brother Jedai’s wedding to Maphias.

While Valis is gone and the Aesriphos decorate the monastery, Tavros suffers. His nightmares won’t let him sleep. The anxiety overwhelms him. And above all, he wants his husband back safe.

No, above all, he wants Valis’s first Solstice to be special. But the last time he and his friends had surprised Valis, it had nearly caused him a panic attack. Will his Solstice surprise cause Valis more anxiety?

Solstice is mostly a fluffy, Christmassy read while also dealing with what these characters call War Trauma. PTSD is serious, and I did my best to treat it respectfully.

Solstice is meant to be read after the last book in The God Jars Saga—Incursion, The God Jars Saga Book 9. This cannot be read as a standalone.


Published: November 26, 2020
Publisher: Magelight Press
Cover Artist: Devon Vesper
Genres: FantasyFantasy RomanceM/M Gay Romance


Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $6.99

Part of the God Jars Saga:

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