Kal’brath Stories

Saving Sol’kyr- A Kal’brath Novella

For millennia, Morough watched his friend suffer in silence.
Now there might be a cure.

An unlikely meeting leads Morough and Sol’kyr on a quest to save a human girl, Haylie. While she’s in a coma, they travel to the human realm to bring back the only thing that could possibly help her now—her cat, Punkin.

While Sol’kyr takes care of Punkin, Morough watches his friend slowly change before his eyes and he realizes that they might have stumbled onto a way to heal more than just one soul.

Tiny Gifts- A Kal’brath Short Story

Nothing in Haylie’s life has been going right lately.

Unexplained explosions when she’s stressed out and anxious are one thing, but they aren’t the worst. Learning that her boss and father-figure is dying of cancer and he’s selling his veterinary clinic is so much worse.

But when everything seems hopeless, Haylie gets an unexpected gift. A small kitten, Punkin, makes her world a little more bearable—and less explosive. With Punkin’s help, Haylie may just get through this terrible time in her life. And in the process, she learns that when things seem their darkest, miracles might just come in tiny packages.

Climbing Shadetree- A Kal’brath M/M Novel

Who knew forever started with an out of body experience and soul-sucking oral pleasure?

Dustin Juniper has been working construction to turn his life around, but apparently all it takes is to stumble upon a hot billionaire. And not in a fun way, either—at least not entirely. With the touch of a magical amulet, Dustin may not be human much longer, and he may just be stuck with the exiled-elf-turned-business-magnate, Casersis Ardal. Now, Dustin’s body is changing in unexpected ways and his life is spiraling out of control.

But the worst part of this mess is being stuck in the middle of the feud between two very powerful beings who now want to compete for his affections. Dustin tries to convince them he’s not a prize to be won, but first he must survive the clash between an elf and a wolf.

The God Jars Saga Blurbs

Book One: Saviors

Trust is more terrifying than any weapon.

Valis’ father wants to sacrifice him to the evil God, Qos. His uncle wants to use him as a magical battery and sex slave. All Valis wants is to live in peace, without fear of constant abuse. When he escapes his father’s sacrificial knife and runs away, he lands in the camp of his two saviors, Kerac and Darolen, holy Aesriphos warriors powerful enough to put his family in their place.

But trusting anyone could be fatal, and the warriors ask the impossible: to sell his father’s farmstead and abandon his old life to join their monastery.

They’re his only hope and when he learns to trust them, they’re the father figures he always wanted, but Valis isn’t sure he’s strong enough to put aside his fear and start over.


Book Two: Avristin

Avristin isn’t the quiet, contemplative monastery he imagined…

Valis escaped his birth father and made it to Avristin. Now, the adopted son of his two saviors, the honorable Aesriphos Kerac and Darolen, Valis vows to become just like them. The only things standing in his way are his lack of magic and crippling social anxiety.

With the help of six new friends, Valis hopes to overcome his new fears. But when the eldest of the group, Tavros, finds the mark of the evil God, Qos, tattooed on Valis’ skin, he sends Valis right back into his birth father’s clutches.

Surviving and escaping the prison cell is just his first test. Once he’s back in Avristin, more await. And with Tavros as his new mentor, Valis needs to do everything in his power to make the man trust him again. Valis’ entire future depends on it, in more ways than one.


Book Three: Possessed

Valis works as a man possessed, but there’s no outrunning the past.

In war training, Valis advances quickly, but in magic training, he’s lucky not to blow himself up trying to wield his dual magic. Constant growth spurts make him outgrow his training armor and his attraction to his mentor, Tavros, rising to molten levels puts Valis under added pressure.

And there’s one more problem Valis can’t seem to shake—his birth father, Roba. He demands Valis pay him a visit in exchange for information, but his request is one Valis can’t accept.

But Roba is not a man who deals well with being told no, and he will do everything in his power to get his way. And his way may just haunt Valis forever.


Book Four: Support

As Aesriphos Valiant, Valis needs all the support he can get. Oh, and he needs a husband, too.

Valis advanced in ranks in the holy warrior order of Aesriphos on accident. If he doesn’t find a husband soon, it could undermine the entire order because an aspirant must marry before advancing.

He knows who he wants, he’s just too afraid to act on it. But as they go on a quest to help a friend, being so close to Tavros is filled with temptation Valis isn’t sure he can resist.

As they fight for their lives, Valis learns more about himself as a person and as a leader, but the challenges only keep coming, and some of them have a price that just might be too high to pay.


Book Five: Mentor

Valis must step up as a mentor, but two highly suspicious men may ruin everything.

Something is wrong with Vohan and Xetar—two reliquary guards who have just returned from field duty. They are adamant that Valis is a spy for Qos because of the black magic he wields. Valis insists their malevolence is more than war trauma, but no one—not even his closest friends—believe him.

With the time to retrieve the lost God Jar quickly approaching, Valis must teach the reliquary guard force the necessary skills to succeed in the coming battles. However, a riot amongst the men hides Vohan and Xetar’s treachery and Valis has to act fast.

If he doesn’t, the people he loves most will pay the ultimate price.


Book Six: Betrayal

Valis is up against the worst enemy he has ever faced—his best friend, Aryn.

Valis is left reeling. After he turned down Aryn’s request to court him, he thought the boy would eventually get over it. But Aryn has other plans. His new target is his elder brother, Tavros, for daring to steal Valis’ love.

Aryn is quickly devolving from a once meticulous and caring young man into an unkempt, enraged ghost of his former self. While Valis is trying to get ready for his joining night with his lover, Tavros, Aryn is doing everything in his power to break them up. His lies and betrayal may just hit their mark.

If Aryn isn’t stopped, Valis will never get his happy ending, and the whole world will suffer.

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