The Omega's Assassin

A missing omega. An alpha on the hunt. A soulbond waiting to happen.


My king’s omega nephew has gone missing, and I’m tasked with tracking him between worlds.

I find Amrisus struggling through the snow with a strange curse ravaging his mind. But when his heat rises, I have a new duty as an alpha: help the omega through his heat, praying the magic leaves him alone long enough for a knot or three.


Every time I fight the puppet curse driving me, agony eats away at my ability to keep it at bay. But between the excruciating pain and lapses into magic’s clutches, Desolace’s sweet and tender care with my heat makes the experience magical.

The curse grows more powerful with every heartbeat. And if I can’t rid myself of this curse, it might just kill me.

Published: January 18, 2021
Publisher: Magelight Press
Cover Artist: Devon Vesper
Genres: FantasyFantasy RomanceM/M Gay Romance


Kindle: $2.99




“Fuck.” I groaned at the harried sound of my name echoing telepathically through my mind but moved the beautiful omega off my dick so I could answer my king’s summons. I should probably have asked the omega his name before sticking my tongue in his ass to lap up all of the delicious slick that had started running the moment he laid eyes on me. Names were important. He probably had a nice one. But with the perils of my job, I knew it was best to stay strangers.

“My apologies, sweet one, for leaving you unsatisfied. My king beckons. You may clean up in the lavatory through that door,” I said, nodding toward the door in question as I pulled on my pants. I jogged out of my lavish suite once he disappeared with a rather distinct pout that I wished I could kiss away, but life had other ideas. As a lord and the king’s adviser, I was free to do as I wished. Still, as a King’s Assassin, I had to answer the summons, which meant ditching the pretty, slick-soaked omega so I could assume my assassin’s garb and become, once again, a faceless guardian for King Threysal.

I didn’t bother with any other clothing than the leggings off the bedroom floor for now. The Highdark King wouldn’t care. He had seen me with less. As always, promptness was more important than modesty, and I could don my assassin’s garb once the meeting was over.

I bowed low once I reached his chambers, my right hand pressed to my left shoulder as I bent at the waist. He flicked his fingers for me to rise, and I approached him where he did his best to wear a track into the pristine gray and green marble floor of his private sitting room. And King Threysal never worried so.

“My king,” I murmured, just loud enough for him to hear me. “What service may I provide?”

He came to a stop on a plush, white rug and gave me a fond smile. “My beautiful assassin.” He sighed. “I need you to go hunting.”

I raised a brow at him but said nothing.

He blew out another sigh and went back to pacing. “My nephew, Amrisus, has disappeared on his way to the Circle of Magi’s tower.”

Amrisus was a stunning young elf, a little over four thousand years of age, with fiery red hair, a kind demeanor, and the most vibrant green eyes I had ever seen. He made my blood run hot every time we were near each other, and I had to admit to myself that I had had many fantasies of him while pleasuring myself over the last millennium. I could almost smell his herbal soap, made specifically for him with a mixture of sandalwood and decadent spices.

With this recollection, I nodded. “Where do you think he is?”

Threysal shook his head. The strong alpha before me trembled with the need to hunt and rescue the missing omega. My own alpha instincts screamed at me, as well. But I handled it better, as I remained still while Threysal all-but tore at his long, wavy brown hair.

“I have no idea,” he said as he turned to head back toward his ironwood and creamy leather sofa. “He was so excited to start his apprenticeship with the Circle of Magi. I can’t imagine him throwing this opportunity away, especially since he worked so hard for it and won the spot over hundreds of other applicants. He disappeared somewhere between here and the Circle of Magi tower. Anything else is unknown.”

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